BitWarden never prompts to save new logins

That way does work as a workaround - but it’s still a workaround. I’d just love to see BitWarden improve so you don’t need to do this workaround.
LastPass worked 80% of the time for capturing new logins, which was 80% more than when BW works for capturing new logins (from my experience). 1Password likely worked 100% of the time for capturing new logins after many years using it.
Not trying to knock BW, I’d just love to see this change and improvements in the extension. One of the whole benefits of using a PW manager is that you don’t have to think about it and it just keeps track of it all for you.

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Can you call it a “workaround” if this is how Bitwarden design it? The original intro video said to do it this way.


If that’s how they designed it, it’s not a workaround - just a poor design that pushes a problem (the extensions inability to capture a new login) to the user.
It’s not an impossible nut to crack. Other password managers have figured out how to have the extension capture new logins. Again, I’m not here saying this to knock on BW. I think it’s great, this is just one of the areas that needs improving.


Sounds like a good solution to the problem to me, pure reverse engineering.
The problem is that it doesn’t fix the fact that Bitwarden is not able to handle the password itself once it has been entered in the corresponding field.
Instead of admitting the error, you do the psychological trick of diverting attention away from the question to a patched solution.
You may say safari 14 web components, blah blah, but Last Pass does it almost perfectly, so it is possible.

I have to admit that last pass user interface is horrible and unintuitive and in that aspect Bitwarden is way ahead. But on a technical level, you’re below, still…

Thanks anyway.

Totally agree.
Come on guys, you can do it!


You can. ;). If every time X is presented the answer is DON’T DO THAT… go in the back, in that cardboard box, get out the Y and wiggle it around the back… OK, now do Z. NEVER EVER DO X… dummy. :wink:

Yeah, that’s a workaround.

(If you wanted to mainline it then you would pop-up a BW-specific “make a new account and pw” in those situations.)

The new extension for BitWarden 1.49 finally handles this correctly! Since updating I finally seem to be getting the prompts to save passwords consistently (every time so far). This is on websites that it previously didn’t work on.

Great job Bitwarden team - big thanks.

Sadly its not working

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I’ve only tested in Safari, it’s been working pretty great so far. I’ve been consistently prompted on every website I’ve tried making a new login on, granted that’s only been a few in the couple of days since it’s come out, but I used to never get the prompt before on these same websites even.

Are you on Apple ecosystem or Windows/Linux?

Apple, I am currently testing on a Mac using Safari.

I signed up to this site just to test if it was working. It didn’t ask to save while creating the account here but it did ask if I wanted to save after logging in for the first time. On Windows/Firefox so the issue is still existing for me. But glad you seem to be having less of a problem. For now I’ll have to stick with the work around.

Since I switched to BitWarden a few months ago, this feature never worked.


I was making an instruction for kids 10-12 on using a password manager, and was asked to use BitWarden. I myself am used to LastPass. While having done the basics of the instruction, i just ran into the ‘feature’ that BitWarden is not noticing when you sign into a website, and not offering to store the password, where LastPass most of the time is offering just that. I appreciate open source software and everyone putting in the time, but the ‘work around’ or ‘as designed’ behavior of BitWarden on this aspect for me is an important missing feature.

(i have strong mixed experience with BitWarden kicking in (or not) offering to save the password, not yet sure when it works and when not)

Currently I wanted to replace lastpass with bitwarden but after testing practically on 80 percent of bitwarden sites does not offer registration but in addition if registration is done manually the right click to copy the username copy in the end the password to the place.
This is really a shame because the concept of bitwarden is really good but still far from being operational apparently.

well, after yebbing for 1+ yers, Ive finally found whats preventing prompt from appearing.

This guide assumes you have IDE ( VSCode ) installed and mapped com.dodick.f

  1. Navigate to [shit]/browser/src/popup/app-routing.module.ts
  2. Go to last line
  3. Insert code
let GoDisplayPassNotif = function {
let notifTxt =  "Do you really want to save password?"
let timer = 0;
if (document.getAttribute('notifTxt').hasAttribute('visible:false'){
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Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same problem on Chrome with gmail accounts.

One data point:
I use Bitwarden on a Purism Librem laptop running PureOS, a Debian distro, and it almost always prompts me to save the password. If anything, it prompts too often, sometimes when the password has not changed.
One suggestion:
If you are using uBlock Origin or another ad/tracker blocker, perhaps it is interfering with this feature.

Thank you. I do run Ublock Origin. I will try it with that turned off.

I uninstalled ublock origin and it still did not prompt for the password.