Bitwarden mobile issue

I use Bitwarden with the same account on PC and phone.
Auto-refill is on.
Email address and password are entered correctly on the PC, on the smartphone it cannot find some data, or it gives me unknown address data, for example at: gives bitwarden: can not find www.mijnEtos.
Very irritating.
How can this be remedied?

Hello @henknan - that is a very odd problem that you described. I can’t think of an instance where Bitwarden would provide an error message such as: β€œcan not find www.mijnEtos”. Are you sure that isn’t a message from your browser?

Perhaps you could explain in a bit more detail exactly the steps to reproduce your issue, and then hopefully someone here can help you diagnose the problem.

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Hello David
How is it possible, today it works normally.

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Glad it is working - my guess is that your browser was having trouble reaching the login form on that site yesterday, but perhaps now it is restored. Cheers!