Bitwarden logging out and forgetting settings

I’ve set my vault timeout to Never, and turned on Biometrics and Pin. However, Bitwarden frequently has logged me out when I unlock my computer, and even after I click the boxes for Biometrics and Unlock with Pin I can go right back to Settings>Account Security and those two boxes are again unchecked, and I’m given the warning pop-up about setting timeout to Never. This happens on a Mac using both Firefox and Brave. Bitwarden Version 2024.6.3. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the browser extension for each browser.

Basically, Bitwarden is not remembering any of my settings. Help?

This is not normal. Is your “Vault Timeout Action” set to “Lock” (not “Log out”) under Settings > Account Security?

If you have not logged out after enabling “Unlock with PIN” or “Unlock with Biometrics”, then this is not normal. Do you have any browser settings or extensions that clear browser data? If not, and if the behavior is reproducible, then you should report this as a bug on GitHub.

On the other hand, it is expected for those two unlock settings to be cleared when the extension has logged out.

This is a known bug that is in the process of being fixed. The warning should only be shown when you first change the setting to “Never”.

Anything other than your options to unlock with PIN and Biometrics? It is normal for those two to be cleared when the browser extension is logged out.

Oddly enough, the biometrics checkboxes are now remaining checked. It still doesn’t always remember my email address, but that’s manageable. I’ve logged out of my browser (and bitwarden), and it isn’t logging me out (it’s honoring my “never” setting). Fingers crossed it stays that way.

The only thing I did that was unique was delete a duplicate Identity card I saw was in there. After that things started working again. Weird.