Bitwarden issues with a Chrome Box - blank screen

I recently purchased a Chrome BOX, not Chrome book. Researching I found Bitwarden is one of the few password managers that works with Chrome OS so went into the Play store and installed it. When I click on the app Icon a white screen with the Bitwarden logo BRIEFLY appears for a millisecond, then the screen turns completely blank except for the blue header at the top that allows you to change the screen size and exit the program. I’ve noticed this same behavior with another app Keepass2Android. Apparently with that app, it has to do with the use of an external monitor but with a Chromebook, with its built in screen, it works fine. Has anyone run into this issue and is there a workaround?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Aaron at Bitwarden help center. I’m up and running. Apparently the Bitwarden APP will not work with a Chrome box presently, however, if you go to the Google Web store and search for Bitwarden and install the EXTENSION, it works perfectly.

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