Bitwarden iOS Application - App Extension

When I open and log into the Bitwarden app within iOS (15.1.1), I go to settings. From the settings I go to App Extension where I click the Enable App Extension. The actions window slides up on the screen and I proceed to click Bitwarden icon. The screen updates and says Almost done! Tap the Bitwarden icon in the menu to launch the extension.

Within the Auto-fill Logins on iOS support page (Auto-fill Logins on iOS | Bitwarden Help & Support) it says this:

  1. Open your Bitwarden app and tap Settings.
  2. Tap the App Extension option in the Auto-fill section.
  3. Tap the Enable App Extension button.
  4. From the share menu that slides up, tap Bitwarden.A green Extension Activated! message will indicate success.Let’s test the App Extension to make sure it’s working properly:

I don’t get a checkmark and can’t figure out if something else is missing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This should be addressed in the next app update :+1:

Appreciate that information. Thank you!