Bitwarden Installation Hard Drive Space ~35 GB

Hi Support Team,

I have problems with my bitwarden installation. I installed bitwarden with your manuel:

Bitwarden is installed complete without any error and works fine. I installed Bitwarden in one lxc container without any error and problem. Now I wondering, because the installation use ~35 GB Hard Drive space, and I have create one user without any data (paswords etc.). I think this is not correct, because a blank Bitwarden Installation can’t not use ~35 GB Hard Drive space.

What can I do to fix this problem?



Hopefully someone here can still answer your question, but this forum is primarily made up of Bitwarden users, not staff. If you want to contact Bitwarden support staff you can try here:

Sounds like you might be using VFS storage driver with docker.

The VFS storage driver is not a union filesystem; instead, each layer is a directory on disk, and there is no copy-on-write support. To create a new layer, a “deep copy” is done of the previous layer. This leads to lower performance and more space used on disk than other storage drivers. However, it is robust, stable, and works in every environment. It can also be used as a mechanism to verify other storage back-ends against, in a testing environment.


Yes thats right but I use Docker and Bitwarden in lxc Container. Any ideas to change to aufs oder overlay2?


Check the output of docker info. The storage / graph driver should point out what is used by Docker. This highly depends on the os, the filesystem of the docker data-root (usualy /var/lib/docker) and sometimes flags used to format the filesystem.

You might want to open a thread in the docker forums. Don’t forget to paste the full output of docker infoin your post.