Bitwarden in Android does not offer to save passwords


I have recently started to use Bitwarden to manage my passwords in my PC, phone and Tablet. I have a problem with the message pop-up requesting to save passwords not being displayd in my phone at all. Also, in my Tablet, it seems it only works in firefox, and not in Chome.

Checking th forums and internet I have tried to change several points in the configuration, but I don´t manage to get this working.

Can anybod help me if they have faced the same issue?

Thank you very much!

Hello @Jesus_Hidalgo - welcome! And sorry to hear you are having issues with Bitwarden on your Android device.

It sounds like you may not have the permissions or system settings enabled fully for a Bitwarden.

Here are some troubleshooting instructions that might help:

I hope those help!