Bitwarden has been blocked by Google Advanced Protection

Hello, I am reporting a problem with downloading the latest Bitwarden application to my Windows 11 computer. I am using Google Advanced Protection ( and I am using the Google Chrome browser. When trying to download Bitwarden from Install and Sync All of Your Devices | Bitwarden, I choose Windows versions and the file is not downloaded. I am getting Bitwarden-Installer file information … exe has been blocked by Advanced Protection. I have to choose the save option and only then the file is saved to disk.

I downloaded the earlier versions of Bitwarden without any problems. Advanced Protection usually blocks dangerous files in this way. In the case of Bitwarden, this is a rather false alarm. Can you fix this so that Google won’t block Bitwarden installer download?

Sorry for my english, i use google translate

Thanks, the team is looking into this one.

Please publish their findings in here.