Bitwarden for Windows, only sync when starting ! 😲

Hi, the Bitwardent client for Windows only sync when it is fully starting. Even after a unlock it does not sync.
Is there a way to define a sync period or anything in order to fix this situation? I have found no option about this in the settings.

Hey @Christop which version are you using? From the Windows store or the Bitwarden downloads page?

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I am using the .exe from your website, I have not installed it from Windows store;
The version 2022.8.0

Thanks, the team is unable to reproduce this so far and is syncing without manual intervention. Not sure if any community members will have any advice here or experiencing a similar issue, but if a reinstall doesn’t resolve the issue, you can open a ticket with the support team Get in Touch | Bitwarden

Interesting. What is the exact synchronization rule of Bitwarden for Windows ?

Does it normally sync each x minutes ?
and/or does it sync after each unlock ?

For me, it shows up right away whether I have the desktop application open or not.

What do you mean by β€œright away”?
if you change something on website, it shows up 1 second after inside Bitwarden for Windows?

To clarify, that is correct, on my end, whether I have the desktop application open or not, as soon as I navigate to the desktop application, the newly created credential is there.