Bitwarden for Mac Not Working

I downloaded the Bitwarden app from the app store and it will not launch on my iMac (10.13 High Sierra). Every time I try to launch it says Bitwarden Unexpectedly quit. Any solutions out there?


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This could be related:

There’s a new version on app store (1.25) but still doesnt work on High Sierra and just crash while opening. DMG or brew install are no longer a option because one of the most used feature, the safari extension, no longer works (see Safari Web Extension | Bitwarden Help & Support). So… what to do now?

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I am having the same issue with the Mac App… It tries to open and then will close. No buttons or anything else for that matter will load prior to it closing.

Using Mac OSX - 10.13.6 High Sierra
Bitwarden App - 1.25.0

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Same problem here. In order to display the Safari extension, the extension should be installed only from App Store. So the only way this can work is through the App Store. And it crashes.
The application works only from dmg but no Safari extension.

MacOS - 10.13.6 High Sierra
Bitwarden - 1.25.0 (516)

Too bad for us we bought a subscription. Really disappointed.

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Agreed. Bitwarden needs to patch this ASAP. It’s quite frustrating. I reached out to them via email and it’s been radio silence.


I also reached out to them via email and they did respond.

They suggested, installing the app. Re-installing it. If that doesn’t work they sent me here to run a few scripts for logging and send the info back to them via email.

The cleaning out and re-installing did not do the trick. So I ran the scripts via Terminal and sent them back the output. From the looks of it, it looked liked something to do with the GPU.

Just checked the App Store and there is an update. Downloading it now… Will report back to see if this works for me or not.

Update: Same thing happened. It will try and open and then close immediately.

Safari Web Extensions are only for Safari 14+, which is only available on Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), and Big Sur (11.0).

Since the current Bitwarden 1.25.1 only has Web Extension plugin, it probably won’t run correctly on High Sierra (10.13). In the link you posted, Bitwarden actually recommends using DMG if you cannot upgrade to newer macOS:

If you’re using a Safari version prior to 14 , you can continue using a .dmg installation, which can be downloaded from Keeping the .dmg outside of the Applications folder should allow you to simultaneously use both an older Safari Extension and the latest Desktop App.

It looks like Bitwarden is considering two things:

  • creating a locked v1.24.7 release with older extension to prevent auto-updates
  • looking into packaging both newer (Web Extension) and older (App Extension) option into current Bitwarden during transition period.
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Any news about the 1.24.7 release?

replying to myself:

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Thanks for sharing this version, it finally opens, but I have issue logging, does anyone have similar issue?

Yes, I have the issue with OSX 10.12.6 and V 1.24.7 of Bitwarden desktop

The same here, MacOS 10.13.6 with Bitwarden Desktop 1.24.7.

But, on the same system the Bitwarden extension 1.54.0 works in the Firefox 94.0.2. without problems. :thinking:

Sorry @Sonnenstreifer and @NJEric - according to the Bitwarden Downloads page, the desktop app is only supported on MacOS 10.14 and later.

See the post above from @clyra for a link to a frozen (legacy) version that might work on your deprecated versions of MacOS (note: this version will not be able to utilize many of the latest features of Bitwarden, and it may affect your Safari plugin).

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Hey David,
thank you for your quick reply.

But unfortunately it does not help, because I have downloaded the version 1.24.7. and installed without errors. The app also starts, but as soon as I enter the logIn data, the above error message occurs and I can not log in.

I did sometime ago, but the problem was my self-hosted server. I upgraded it and it’s working as it should now.

I wondered how this is still a thing, but on High Sierra (10.13) this still happens. There is no other source then the appstore. What is this?

@bigfudge - your version of MacOS is deprecated and no longer supported by Apple or Bitwarden, as well as a huge number of other software vendors.

But if you take the time to read the thread above, there are instructions on how to download a legacy version of the software that may work on your computer.

From the AppStore:

With regards to that even El Capitan should be supported.