Bitwarden Firefox extension keeps logging out

Hello all!

I just started using Bitwarden a couple days after this update was released. I have had this same issue the entire time. This is occurring on 2 different Windows 10 Desktops and a Windows 11 Laptop. I have removed and re-added as well as reconnected the extension to the desktop app to no resolve.

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@Shane_Lynn Hi!

By this update you mean 2024.6.3, which shall be the final fix? Yes, it is released by Bitwarden…

… so unfortunately that is to be expected, since the 2024.6.3 is still not approved by Firefox ( so the final fix is not there yet…


That makes more sense. I must’ve missed that.

Please provide the xpi file.

I don’t think there is an xpi file, but you should be able to sideload the extension using this zip:

If you use the zip file, you will need to turn on debug mode and the plugin will be reinstalled. However, the xpi file allows you to upgrade from an existing configuration.

In that case, you will have to wait for Mozilla to approve the new release for publication in the app store.

Isn’t the zip file the same as the xpi file? In which case you just rename the extension from zip to xpi.

It is fully updated.

Yeah, but since the final fix with 2024.6.3 is not approved by Firefox yet (I just checked again), you can have max. 2024.6.2 installed and that doesn’t contain the complete fix.

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It’s now a really long verification time. I downloaded the .zip, altered the ID and uploaded it to Developer Hub by myself. Verification for personal use is faster and known that there is a difference, but Mozilla should be way quicker to verify recommended add-ons…
I just disabled the official add-on and use the .xpi I generated. Works. I just have to check whether the official one finally got approved and then switch again.

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Exactly the same for me. This is really frustrating, and it’s getting worse. :frowning:

Same problems for me.
First I had problems with the PIN, I hoped for a fix with 2024.6.2 but it’s worse than ever, now I need to sign in every time and the extension doesn’t even remember the mail. This is super-annoying.
I really hope 2024.6.3 fixes all these issues.

My FF add-on has just updated to 2024.6.3. Hope it will fix these annoying problem.


Nevermind… I may have jumped the gun. I now see that it just updated today so maybe that triggered the need for me to enter my email address and lose the PIN settings, this morning. Let’s wait and see what happens over the next week or two.


No, it’s still not fixed with the 2024.6.3 update!
I just had to login, again. Email address missing and so were my PIN settings.
I’m on Windows 11, Firefox ESR 115.12.0



  1. I would try (and recommend) to log out (again), deinstall the extension, restart the computer, install the extension again, login and set up the PIN or whatever… to get a “fresh start” after that kind of bug.

  2. If the bug really still persists, please make a bug report on GitHub and report, that it isn’t fixed with the 2024.6.3 extension.


@Nail1684 - I edited my original post.


Hi, I still have this problem and I’m not on Firefox but on Brave (Chromium). Should I open a separate ticket?