Bitwarden firefox extension keeps logging me out

I’m selfhosting bitwarden via vaultwarden docker container and notice that the firefox extension constantly logs me out and makes me reauthenticate with Webauthn 2fa (via yubikey) even though I click ‘remember me’. This doesn’t happen on my bitwarden android app or my desktop mac app so i think it is due to one of my firefox extensions. I have extensions that aid with security and privacy (like I don’t care about cookies and Decentraleyes), what domains do i need to whitelist if I want to stop them from affecting the bitwarden extension. Also is there a way to troubleshoot the extension to see why it keeps logging me out? Thanks

@johnwetherby Welcome to the forum!

Vaultwarden is not a Bitwarden product, so there may be compatibility issues from time to time. Your best bet is to turn to the Vaultwarden community for support: