Bitwarden Family organizationid


I recently upgraded from premium to families. I have a script that I use to back by vault up to an encrypted usb drive via dumping the vault to a csv. I am trying to extend that script to the org I created but when I run bw list organizations to get my organization id it just returns with brackets like below.

 bw list organizations
? Master password: [hidden]

I also tried looking in Admin console → Settings → Organization info but don’t see anything resembling an organization id there either.

I am running Bitwarden server 2024.4.2 and bitwarden cli 2024.4.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you just joined the org, I would try to logout and login again.

bw list organizations should list all the organizations the logged in account belongs to.

I use this on my backup bash script:

ORGANIZATION_IDS_TO_BACKUP="$(bw list organizations | jq -r '.[] | .id')"

Also: if you plan to use the backup for restoring it to a bitwarden account in case you need to, then I would export it in json format (I do export my vault in both json and csv formats).

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Thanks @kpiris i swapped from the npm version to the standard binary and that seemed to work. I will look into json as well. Thank you for the input.

Logging out and back in with the npm version fixed my issue. Thanks!