Bitwarden extension websites not showing all of the Bitwarden desktop websites

I am running the Brave browser on Linux Mint.

Have my Bitwarden desktop running.

Also have my Bitwarden Brave browser extension installed.

Have performed the sync function on my Bitwarden extension.

When I look at the extension Bitwarden Vault listing there are a few websites not displayed as compared to the Bitwarden Vault desktop list.

When I request the username/password of one of these missing websites from the extension it fills the fields correctly.

How can I get my extension vault to show all of the desktop websites??

Any thoughts will be appreciated

Take a look at the troubleshooting steps here:,server%20if%20timestamps%20are%20mismatched.

Do they help?

Thanks, I had reviewed this page previously. Under “Manual Sync” on that page I clicked the “Desktop” tab and it displayed " Select FileSync Vault from the menu bar."

I could not find “file” on my desktop app.