Bitwarden Extension: On Browser Launch Prompt For Master Password Automatically

Is it possible to have the Browser Extension prompt user to enter master password on the initial launch of the browser (ie: Without requiring user to first click on extension and then select login)?

Intent is to help users remember to use Bitwarden. Our enterprise browser settings have browser set not to save passwords- and Bitwarden settings have prompt to update/ save and Autofill on Page Load enabled. But some users still forget to login. We have additional trainings coming, but trying to provide a variety of methods to help users remember.

Windows 10, Edge & Chrome (Latest Builds).

Thanks for your help!

Hey there! There’s an open feature request for that for voting, you can find that here and submit a vote: Open login dialog when browser starts

Buuuut, if you wanted a neat workaround, you could set the user’s browser’s homepage to the extension itself. For chrome, you’d change your startup page to: chrome-extension://nngceckbapebfimnlniiiahkandclblb/popup/index.html?uilocation=popout#/lock and that would bring up the login page every time the browser was opened.


Voted- Thanks for letting me know! Is there an Edge workaround that is similar?

Try: extension://jbkfoedolllekgbhcbcoahefnbanhhlh/popup/index.html?uilocation=popout#/lock


That worked, thanks!

I also added a second page after the Extension:
Page 1: extension://jbkfoedolllekgbhcbcoahefnbanhhlh/popup/index.html?uilocation=popout#/lock
Page 2: edge://newtab/

Then once they enter BW password they can just close the tab and the normal start page is there.

I appreciate you taking the time to help us!


How about one for Firefox? ( Sort of surprised you didn’t anticipate this request… :wink: )

Here’s what the team came up with! These aren’t “officially endorsed” solutions and I haven’t tested them myself, but hopefully you’ll find some use of them:

Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi



Firefox, Tor browser:

You can change that end string there to get to different pages too:

Login screen:
Lock screen

Either should work/re-route depending on your vault state.

(the above are all set to be the lock page)


I have been trying to get this to work without success. I have pasted the link from above in the following location in the Firefox Settings:

My Firefox does have a couple of privacy extensions (Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin) installed. Any thoughts?

This might be a timing/initialization issue.

I had also tested this with Firefox, but maybe not on a freshly booted up instance of Firefox and also without any other extensions, which might delay the startup. What I sometimes get, is that it’s stuck on the loading spinner. Refreshing the start page would solve this for me. I hope that helps.

The above mentioned urls were posted for completeness. As mentioned by Ryan this isn’t something we offically endorse\support. This was meant as a possible (temporary)workaround, I came up with, while chatting with Ryan.

Kind regards,

Yeah, the issue is the extension address which seems to vary. However, if you try to autofill a site “ctrl sift L” while the extension is locked, then it’ll open a tab with the extension. Try grabbing that address from that tab and using it as the home page. On my personal PC browser it’s: