Bitwarden Extension does not offer to create a login

Recently bitwarden does not offer to create a login in a site login page. It used to do that but it has stopped. Running latest extension from chrome webstore.

I DO NOT have any items checked in the Settings → Options list. Unchecking one of the option settings is often cited to solve this problem. Nothing is checked and nothing was ever checked. There is a different reason for this behavior.

I use bitwarden on linux. Vivaldi is prime browser. Firefox is secondary browser. Behavior of not asking to create login occurs on both browser.

That is a very convenient feature that I would like re-activated.

thanks, tom kosvic

I don’t think Bitwarden has “deactivated” the feature to save passwords, as you have stated. All seems fine for me on the latest Bitwarden extension to Firefox 96 on Linux for me. Have you tried uninstalling the extension, shutting down the browser, and reinstalling?

@dh024, I am confused by your response. I never said anything about bitwarden deactivating this function in trying to save passwords. I only said it was not asking to create a login on it’s own for me at the present.

I did delete, reinstall, and restart bitwarden and both vivaldi and firefox. Current extension version in use is 1.55 — linux.

tom kosvic

Isn’t that what you said? Sorry, isn’t creating a login about offering to save passwords? I guess I misinterpreted what you were trying to say.

Are you on Fedora by chance? I could not find it, but someone else was having some odd behaviour on it too.

david, I am on opensuse leap 15.1. The creat login feature did work and I can’t pinpoint when it stopped working.

I’ll investigate further if that would give some useful info. I have arch linux, fedora, and debian installed as virtual machines. I could try to see if the “offer to create password” works or doesn’t work in any of them. That will take a couple of days as I have some stuff that needs to get done.

I also have windows where I could test but I think if that was not working in windows it would have been widely complained about.

Do you know what bitwarden process activates the “create” login feature. I could see if thatprocess is running or removed somehow?

tom kosvic

I mistyped. I am on leap 15.3

For what it is worth, I have the BW extension installed on FF on numerous machines - Ubuntu, MacOS, and Windows, and I have not experienced this issue. I suspect it has something to do with the distro of Linux you are running, so it will be interesting to see what you find out when you test it on your VM deployments.

And I don’t believe there is a specific process running for the feature that prompts you to save logins or update passwords, given that the BW client runs within Firefox. You can inspect the extension processes running within your instance of FF by using the URI about:processes to be sure.

I willl post this query on opensuse forum to see if others have spotted this. Weird thing is that it used to run.

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I have the same issue.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 and both Chromium and Firefox.
Actually, I am a new Bitwarden user trying to test its functionality and considering migration from LastPass.
I tried to login in twitter, vemno and hbo. Both extensions on Chromium and Firefox failed to offer to create a login.
But when I register and then login this community, the extension on Chromium is able to offer.
It’s a little bit strange.
The websites I tested have a lot of users especially twitter.
There is no reason this extension should fail on these popular websites so it should be a new regression recently I guess.

Bitwarden works a bit differently than LastPass. Here is the method I suggest for creating new credentials - it may seem backwards to LastPass users, but it is actually faster.

Yes, from the above post, I also see the same issue.
It’s a little surprise that Bitwarden which was highly recommended by others could not show a prompt to save a new credential for even popular websites.
For me as a user, manually input these credentials is not a convenient way even though it’s a one-time effort.
I am reconsidering the migration.

You have to input some info either way, though, right? You really don’t save or lose any time either way - I encourage you to give it a try.

Yes, that’s true.
And I am still testing Bitwarden.
So far I have tested 7 websites in which Bitwarden extension failed to show a prompt in 4 sites.
But to be honest, having a prompt is a more intuitive way.
I am a programmer so that I can understand this limitation.
If this feature is more reliable, it’s more easier to convince a non technical user to use Bitwarden.

Sounds like an issue that this pull request addresses. It also adds the icon into the form so you don’t have to navigate to the top of the screen or right click and navigate through menus. I’m losing faith that it’ll ever be merged, we’re over 4 months at this point.

I do feel your pain. I recently had lastpass and bitwarden running as extensions side by side. I was going through and doing a routine change on all my passwords. Over 500 passwords over the course of the week. I actually really learned to love the generator keyboard shortcut in bitwarden, saved me lots of clicks. But where it fell flat on its face was in the saving of the changed password. Lastpass gave me a popup 99% of the time asking me if I wanted to update. Bitwarden gave me the same popup maybe 15% of the time. Initially I was manually updating. Ultimately I gave up and just made sure Lastpass had an accurate database, then I wiped Bitwarden and restored an export I made from the up to date Lastpass.

This morning in vivaldi I opened a login window on a new site and bitwarden did offer to open up a create login dialogue. I was using vivaldi. I made no changes to anything and it just started working again.

What’s up with that?

Need to test again on another new login site. Will report that back.