Bitwarden extension constantly asks to save already saved passwords

I have the Bitwarden Google extension on my computer and have already saved passwords in Bitwarden for the sites I frequent regularly. Two problems occur: First, Bitwarden continues to ask if it should save the password when I launch the site. Second, even when I tell it NEVER, it still continues to ask every time I go to the site. If I were to tell it to save, I end up with multiple listings of the same site in Bitwarden.

Yes same here. This has only recently started happening.

I started seeing a lot of problems with Bitwarden about two weeks ago. The one you posted as well as no longer filling things in, telling me there’s no site in my vault that matches when there is, etc. I’m on Vivaldi, but it’s built on Chromium. I uninstalled and reinstalled and so far, no more issues like that, but it’s not even been 24 hours yet so who knows if that’s fixed the problem. As long as you have your account online as well as the extension and they’re sync’d, you should be able to uninstall and after a reinstall, just sign in and be good to go. I’ll be curious if it works for you.