Bitwarden Encryption key Queries

Hey there,

I was seeing the database in a db viewer and noticed these 2 things. are they my account encryption keys or if not what are they?

Great question! Those are your encrypted private key and public key that you use to secure organization keys. The encryption for your account has several layers - you can read about it completely here:

The gist of it is:

  • Master Password + Email + some stretching create an encryption key
  • The above key encrypts your vault’s encryption key
  • The vault encryption key encrypts your RSA2048 private key
  • The RSA2048 key encrypts your Organization key
  • Your Organization key encrypts/decrypts organization items

The public key is used by the Organization to encrypt the Organization Key, which is transferred to a user when they join, and then decrypted by the user using their private key.