Bitwarden Edge Plug-in

I have installed the Edge Plug-in and it worked for some time but now just returns “Unable to Fetch”.
I reinstalled to no avail. It also will not show on Edge toolbar

Hi @Alfasan - welcome to the community forums.

Your issue sounds like a network issue to me. If you are disconnected from the internet, you will get this error. But it can also happen if there is a temporary outage somewhere between your device and the Bitwarden servers preventing your network traffic from being routed successfully.

It could also be a firewall issue on your computer or a browser permission issue that is preventing the extension from accessing the network. Or there is always a remote chance that another extension is interfering with Bitwarden.

I would check your extension permissions in Edge and your computers firewall settings. Failing that, if it is a temporary network issue, you can try using a different network, such as a VPN connection, or wait a while to see if it resolves itself.

I hope you are able to figure out the cause and rectify it.