Bitwarden Edge extension does not respect the timeout time for the lock

I have set in the extension for Edge a time when the keychain must lock but every time I restart the browser the keychain is locked and does not respect the timeout time.

Closing the browser supersedes all the timeout options (aside from “never”) as it kills the reference to your key in memory.

Maybe it would be the case to do as in Lastpass I used before.
That is to block the keychain but allow the fields to be filled in (in this way the fields are filled even when the keychain is locked but I cannot see the password in clear text if not unlocking the keychain).

I am confused by the terminology. If you are using Edge, you are probably using this on Windows, where does the keychain come from? I thought keychain was a Mac/IOS concept.

I am not sure what your request is. You just want bitwarden extension to remain open even if you close the browser, but you want to request re-authentication they attempt to access the password?

Out of curiosity, what happens if you close the browser, does Bitwarden log out or does it just lock?

I have recently been using bitwarden as an extension in Edge in Windows 10.
The bitwarden safe that contains the passwords is translated into Italian as “portachiavi (keychain)” in several places in bitwarden for this I wrote “keychain”.
I don’t know if you’ve ever used lastpass, it works like this:
I can always fill in the password fields on the various websites even if the safe is locked, but if I want to manually read the password saved in the safe or copy it and then paste it I have to unlock the safe and say how long it should remain unlocked.
This way I don’t have to unlock the safe every time when I start the browser to enter passwords on websites but only if I want to read it in clear text.
Unfortunately bitwarden does not respect the safe lock timeout, when I close the browser the safe also locks, the lastpass solution would be more convenient.
Thank you.

OK, I was confused on why there was keychains in windows.

Yes, I have used last pass. Last pass does allow a greater degree of granularity to security setting that BItwarden do not have. I am pretty sure that the vault behavior is probably by design. When you close the browser, the vault probably gets destroyed so that there is no vault for a hacker or malware to exploit, however unlike that may be. I don’t know how Last pass maintains their vault, they either retain a network connection or store the vault online.

But back to the problem, you are trying to keep your vault open even when you close the browser. Take a look at this thread. The user Vestarija suggested adding an Lightning Reopen extension that allow BW to run in the background, but you must add “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” to ensure it keeps running when chrome is closed. Security expert will argue that keeping vault up is bad, but keep it alive for 15 minutes is probably better than setting it to never.

That’s a very specific feature on last pass that I have not seen in other password managers.

Great! On Edge I found the “Fast Reopen” extension which should have the same functionality as Chrome’s “Lightning Reopen”.
Bitwarden now respects the timeout set when I close the browser.
Thanks for all the information you gave me.