Bitwarden down

Browser extension and website app?

Anyone else

Yes For me to,

Is there any info ??

We are currently investigating a small number of reported issues with logging in and synchronizing vault data on the Bitwarden cloud. Once the issue resolution is confirmed we will post it on our page:

In contrary to the status page, where you believe that it might be resolved. In fact, it isn’t. Or it hasn’t propogated through your servers fully yet. I’m still having big issues with data that looks to have been saved, isn’t. I’ve already needed to redo a bunch of work for that reason.

Hoping that you’ll have a proper fix in soon.


Working perfectly here and I have changed several passwords and such over the last couple of days. Syncing across all devices perfectly. Android and Linux Desktop (Firefox app) here. Wonder if its something Apple or Windows related??

Yesterday, Bitwarden was down for a short period of time. Now it’s O.K.
Posted on the status page of Bitwarden on October 20:

Oct 20, 2020 5:05 AM EDT

We are currently investigating a small number of reported issues with logging in and synchronizing vault data on the Bitwarden cloud. We believe we have resolved the issue but will continue to monitor and update this page once the issue resolution is confirmed.

Actually, it isn’t really good enough for it to be ever down. Based on the reality that all my passwords are generated. which means that I cannot login anywhere.

Also since this outage, my pin unlock has vanished. Pin yesterday, not set today.

I pay for this!!

Is that true? Bitwarden stores a local offline copy of your vault so only editing and syncing would not be working in that case.

And you can always self host if you don’t trust the service. (I do trust)

Where machines and software are involved its unrealistic to say “never be down”. Granted if it did happen it is less than preferable, but my experience over years is that it has always been up when I needed it.

This might be a nice time to visit the export of your vault so that you always have access to everything as a last resort in a “pinch”. Surely I don’t want to require my backup export, but in the middle of the day IF life or death meant I needed access I would have it with my exported backup.

Regarding the loss of your PIN unlock. Likely because IF you are logged out then you must reset the PIN option. The nice thing is you don’t have to remember your PIN like you do your master password. Simply log out and now you can change/reset your PIN on any device. The PIN is device independent by the way.

This seems to happen from time to time after the app got updated. Furthermore please note that you have to make these settings on every device. At least till now I have not found something like a “global setting” for all devices.

Thank you for supporting the Bitwarden team :slight_smile:

Anyone having an issue the Chrome Browser extension not prompting for security key, while web and desktop does prompt for it