Bitwarden doesn't work with many financial (bank) sites

Thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately, using KB shortcut on Mac doesn’t work for me. Let me see if I can provide this feedback. Just weird that other pw managers can handle the site just fine.

If I remember correctly, some password managers do not focus the fields the same way, so it might be because of the visual feedback that Bitwarden implemented, which combined with an “on focus” event from the original site could screw things up. Using the CTRL + SHIFT + L may have a different order in filling and focusing the fields which could give a different result.
Beyond that, if it still doesn’t fix your issue, I’d ensure that the credentials are correct in Bitwarden… if they are, you can probably only wait until Bitwarden finds a fix for it, unless someone else has any other ideas.

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Hopefully it gets resolved soon since I’ve also reported it to the GitHub tracker. Thanks again @Mihai-MCW !

I didn’t state that password managers are the most secure form of authentication. Security keys are though and they are something banks don’t allow us punters to use (in my experience, I suppose there might be some banks which are not stuck in the 20th Century).

My various banks use various form of Mickey Mouse “security questions”, my made up answers to which are stored in my password manager. I’m not stupid enough to give the name of my first pet to some bank, not the least because banks are useless at information security.

They also use TOTP codes, which they insist on transmitting unencrypted to a phone contraption. Only a numbskull would think that that is secure, but banksters appear to think that they are. As organisations engaged in the stupidity of security through obscurity they waffle on about how some secret stuff that they do is more effective than open source protocols. Yeah, tight.

As I have said before, I don’t necessarily blame the people working in the IT departments of banks. I suspect the true blame lies with those who tell the IT bods what to do.

I’m trying to get away from Google but the fact is, it’s auto fill service works fine. Trying to move to bitwarden and duck duck go has been fraught with frustration. (Can’t download with ddg where Chrome works fine}. I’m sure lots of sites suck technically, but if Google can make (most of) them work why can’t bw and ddg? I mean, if you can’t use the tool what good is the extra privacy?