Bitwarden does not show as Safari extension (MacOS)

I downloaded the Bitwarden app from the macOS App Store and installed it as described in Safari Web Extension | Bitwarden Help & Support but cannot add it as an extension to Safari v14.0.3. It’s not shown as an option.

This might be of help: Safari Web Extension | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thanks for your response. The Bitwarden does not show as available in Safari/Preferences/Extensions.

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I just realized that you already had pointed to the link I mentioned in my answer. Sorry about that.

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I am running into the same issues. Safari 14.0.3, and Bitwarden 1.25.1 (downloaded from App Store).
As the instructions suggested, I did run the desktop app, then went to Safari but the Bitwarden does not show up in the extension tab. (I have not had issues installing a couple of other extensions.)


There is an open GitHub bug/issue that might be related.
The exact reason is still unknown.

You might want to try some things that others have done to see if they help.

If you don’t need biometrics and just want the Safari extension to show, then you could temporarily run the older version until someone figures out the issue.


Thanks @cho-m!

One user resolved the issue by using Appcleaner to remove the Bitwarden desktop app, making sure to remove any/all remnants. May be worth a shot @ece69 ?

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Thanks. I used AppCleaner to uninstall Bitwarden and then reinstalled it. Bitwarden still does not show as an extension in Safari. It was worth a try. :grinning: :+1:

I am having this same issue and have already used app cleaner and find any file to find associated files.

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I suspect that this might be an issue with Safari. I have another App (YouTube Ad Auto-skipper) that does not appear as an available extension.

I am running Safari 14.0.3 on Big Sur (latest updates) and Bitwarden from the App store wouldn’t show up in the extensions prefs in Safari

I downloaded and installed [\Release Version 1.24.7 (Frozen) · bitwarden/desktop at Release Version 1.24.7 (Frozen) · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

This works! Yay! Until they add official Safari support, this may be the way to go.

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Works for me on M1 Mac Safari 14.0.3!
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Bitwarden worked with the current version of Safari, then stopped working. So I know there is an incompatibility, but it’s hard to say it’s a problem with Safari. More likely, there is programming in Bitwarden that hasn’t kept up with Safari. Usually, this results from not using public API’s for everything or using ones that become deprecated. It is a changing target, so they need to keep at it constantly. Anyway, the older version of Bitwarden once again works with the latest Big Sur Safari, so i can wait for Bitwarden to be updated.

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This works. Many thanks!

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Here MBP with 11.4.
Bitwarden doesn’t appear anymore in the list of extensions (as before).
Did delete the app by Finder, reinstalled (as before) from the Appstore.
Restarted Safari and Bitwarden with Logon.
No change…

There are some other steps in the GitHub issue that have resolved the disappearance: Bitwarden Safari extension disappeared after updating to Bitwarden 1.25.0 (516) · Issue #1696 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub