Bitwarden desktop on mac spinning without loading

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bitwarden desktop on my intel macbook pro has been

  1. spinning wheel which never ends (looks like trying to sync but never ends)
  2. when i select favorites or some folder on the left, it shows the data but the folders are never populated

I have tried:

  1. clear the app cache from ~/library/cache
  2. PRAM reset
  3. SMC reset
  4. Change the DNS provider from google to opendns

so far nothing has helped and i do not have this issue on my other MAC.
any suggestions?

Did you ever find a fix to this. I am in the same boat.

Hi @jmarkcoy, have you tried reinstalling Bitwarden for desktop? Can you confirm the version number?

I have, multiple times. Even reinstalled the OS (and Safari). When uninstalling I also used an AppClean to remove related folders etc. My current Version number is 1.31.3 (2320).

Background: BW extension on Safari was running fine, but the desktop app was giving me an error every time I tried to log-in (it was a simple like “unknown error” or something, not that the PW was wrong). After this happened for a few months I finally got tired of it and tried to uninstall and reinstall the desktop app and renable the extension. The desktop app now lets me log in without a problem, but the extension just spins.

Also, when I re-installed the desktop app, the extension didnt take me through the regular “permissions” etc. questions like it does during the extension reactivation.

I am literally getting a screen similar to this github issue; however, I do not have the folder they are discussing that helped fix.