Bitwarden CLI "quick" send with password

Feature name

Quick send with password

The “quick” send via Bitwarden CLI allows something like

bw send "Secrets I want to share"

Which is simple and easy to implement into a script or routine. It can be made a little more suitable for sensitive info by using the -h switch, requiring the user to toggle the text before they see it, which may prevent someone looking over their shoulder…

However this doesn’t prevent someone getting hold of the link and being able to access the text.

Adding a password does though.

However, adding a password using the CLI is only possible by using templates (which need to be maintained and stored) plus having to use jq to edit the template, and then running a series of commands back to back which is fairly complex, eg:

bw send template send.text | jq ".name=\"My First Send\" | .text.text=\"Secrets I want to share.\" | .password=\"mypassword\" | .deletionDate=\"$(date -uv+14d + "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")\"" | bw encode | bw send create

This request is to add a flag which allows a password to be provided more simply, either on command line or as a user prompt, eg:

bw send "Secrets I want to share" --password "[email protected]"


bw send "Secrets I want to share" --password
? Please enter password: [input is hidden]

The output would be the same as normal, but now the user must enter the password, which can be given to the recipient over an out of band channel like SMS or over the phone

Send created! It can be accessed at:******************/****************

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Allow more secure sharing without complex chaining of multiple commands

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