Bitwarden CLI export function does not include folder names and ids

When using the CLI, folder names and ids are not included in the output, unlike when using the export function from the desktop or browser extension.
This is on Windows 10, using bw version 2022.9.0
Are they meant to be different?


I can replicate this when exporting to CSV and JSON - looks like a serious bug to me. Thanks for posting, @cliff.

Filed bug report here:


I have tested, contrary to what is said, this bug is still not fixed for the unencrypted json export in the latest release 2022.10.0 .
@dh024 @cliff can you please confirm ?

I can confirm that the encrypted_json format appears to have been fixed, but not the unencrypted format.


Thanks all, the team is working on this one :+1:

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The bug is significant as folder data is lost, when will there be a fix ?
so that this CLI command works:
bw export --output "C:\Rep\export.json" --format json