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This is just a personal peeve… I really really hate it when organizations have news and blog sections where the items are undated. This means that you have no idea if the item is new or 10 years old. You do not know if the item is recent and therefore by definition interesting. Drives me bug-eyed.

I understand why people do it… but it is antisocial and reflects negatively on the organization and leaves the impression that the blog is not maintained and the company is not interested in maintaining the it, but they believe that they need to have a one anyway…

Just my opinion…

I’ll just leave this here… :wink:

Me too!


Firefox (latest) under windows 10…

The date is there if you are viewing the individual blog posts (example). But not in the main blog page with the list of blog posts. Perhaps it is possible to just add the date below each post title in the main page since the data is already being stored?

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As @itachi1706 said, the date is displayed when you click into the post.

Thanks for the feedback - not having the dates was definitely not intentional - the website/blog/etc is the subject of many efforts right now to make things easier, clearer, and have MORE information.


So you need to click on every blog post to see the date…? That will keep me busy.