Bitwarden behind a direct proxy

I have installed Bitwarden behind a direct proxy (i.e. Squid), I have configured at system level docker to use proxy in order to download images using this proxy and all seems go fine. The only problem is that some component of Bitwarden are trying to use the proxy also for “localhost” address like these ones:

TCP_DENIED/403 3849 CONNECT localhost:8443
TCP_MISS/503 3951 GET hxxp://localhost:5000/
TCP_MISS/503 3966 GET hxxp://localhost:5000/alive
TCP_MISS/503 3966 GET hxxp://localhost:8080/alive
TCP_MISS/503 4010 GET hxxp://localhost:5000/
TCP_MISS/503 4049 GET hxxp://localhost:5000/.well-known/openid-configuration

it is a continous flood … obviously I have put inside the docker daemon configuration a NO_PROXY variable and also created a docker-compose.override.yml with

  • NO_PROXY=“localhost”
  • no_proxy=“localhost”
    for all containers but without any result …

Someone has a solution for this problem?
Thanks in advance