Bitwarden AppImage no longer auto updating

Since version 2022.12.0 of the desktop client, the Bitwarden AppImage no longer auto updates. (I have to download the updates manually). Anyone else have this issue? This is on Fedora 37 Linux

I just checked in the Desktop app for Windows (version 2022.12.0). If I click “Check for updates”, it says:


However, the current installer on the Downloads page is for version 2013.1.0 2023.1.0, so the updater is failing to detect the availability of a newer release.

@grb I think you mean 2023.1.0 :slightly_smiling_face:. Do we know if the 2023.1.0 fixes the update problem?

Also, I guess we should just manually update to 2023.1.0?

Thanks for the correction! :flushed: Manually updating wouldn’t be a bad idea. I guess we’ll find out in February whether 2023.1.0 restores the update functionality.

Hey all, availability is a phased roll-out, it will be available for everyone soon!