Bitwarden App to Apple watch + wearables

Or it is an idea that is only being investigated or relegated to future development. The roadmap doesn’t seem to include those kinds of development items.


Yeah fair enough


I would love to see a Bitwarden app released for Apple Watch. It would be a great way to quickly access TOTP codes and general login info.

1Password and Microsoft Authenticator have watch apps that seem quite popular, I’m sure Bitwarden can do an amazing job with one. Keep up the great work!


An additional option to an Apple Watch app would be the ability to accept/allow biometric prompts (FaceID/TouchID) on the watch for all the different Bitwarden platforms: web, browser ext., and desktop. (I excluded mobile here since it wouldn’t seem practical to use your watch while you are already holding your mobile device)


4 years later, still no update for this?


+1 for this feature. Just switched from Lastpass to Bitwarden and paid for the annual membership. Now I’m trying to switch from Authy to Bitwarden for my TOTP uses as well but no Apple Watch support is preventing that.


+1 for Apple Watch :+1:, Thanks!


An Apple Watch app for Bitwarden would indeed be quite useful.
I find myself more and more leaving my phone in the drawer and using my Apple Watch exclusively.

The watch seems to replace my wallet and my phone often these days and I just need my laptop and watch.

I am looking forward to release of the Bitwarden Apple Watch App!


I’d like to see this app, this is really would be helpful.

All the best, Jane, web-designer, Work Time


Adding a reply to this feature request. +1 please :point_up_2:t4:

Adding my reply to add to the interest for this feature. +1 please :point_up_2:t3:

+1 for this 4 years awaited feature.

I still can’t unlock the browser plugin with my Mac’s TouchID, so I won’t hold my breath for this one, but it’s obviously an important feature.

+1 voted.

Why can’t you unlock with TouchID? That feature has been available for a long time now.

I can for the main app (which is itself dodgy), but not for the browser plugin. It always says that it needs the desktop app running - and it’s always running (the required Mac App Store version too)

I have four macs, and both apps run flawlessly for me. I would check your process - sounds like you need to configure things more appropriately.

Just signed up to add +1 for Apple Watch app…