Bitwarden App to Apple watch + wearables

I use Apple Watch exclusively. Sometimes I just go alone only with my apple watch for weeks. And those times i need my password manager handy, also I use TOTP, Thanks to Authy, for their apple watch app which works fine. So far i was using LasPass with my apple watch, now as i have moved completely from Lastpass to Bitwarden. I miss the Apple Watch app feature in bitwarden, So it would be nice if Bitwarden comes to apple watch, especially as a stand alone app (mean not asking for iphone to be in sync all time).

Thanks in advance for the Bitwarden Team

I couldn’t agree more with this request. I have 4 TOTP’s in 1Password on my Apple Watch. If Bitwarden supported this then I’d jump from 1Password to Bitwarden in a heartbeat.


Recently switched from 1Password and I would love this! My school doesn’t allow you to use your phone, so being able to get my passwords from my Apple Watch would be great!


Yeah I’m sticking with Authy for now because I need to be able to get the TOTP codes when I don’t have my phone


Would be nice. I also need an App on the Watch

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Another user requesting Apple Watch support. It’s the only thing I miss from 1Password. It doesn’t need to support the entire user database but favorites (passwords and notes) and 2FA support would suffice. I just need what I use most of the time quickly accessible.

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I think I must switch to 1password to have the passwords at my watch. I selfhost bitwarden and watch support would be so nice.

I don’t want to pick up my phone only to grep the correct password.

I miss this a lot about LastPass too.

Ditto. That’s a feature I also miss from LastPass. Not as concerned with TOTP as Authy works perfectly, but the ability to view passwords from the watch was a great feature. I’m sure it’s 100% safe, but I still question the security of LastPass. Proprietary software developers response of, “Trust us.” just doesn’t sit well with me, especially when talking about US based encryption services. I’m pretty much migrated to 100% open source everything now.

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I’m moved from 1Password and it was compatible with the Apple Watch. Would love to have that feature with Bitwarden.

Would love to see Bitwarden on apple watch

yes, indeed. +1

+1 for TOTP use case, but also being able to access general records for things like Card pin codes, and Numbers like SSN/Passport NR stored in the Identities

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Yes, please and thank you!

Yes, would love to see a stand alone app for the Apple watch.

Another vote requesting some love for the Apple Watch!

I came from LastPass, and I definitely miss having the functionality on my Apple Watch.

I’m in the same boat. Apple Watch Family here :slight_smile:

Also, an option to unlock Bitwarden on Mac with Apple Watch would be a nice feature!


Also very interested in Apple Watch support