Bitwarden app on android not login after changing PDKF iterations to 600,000

Can’t take a screenshot due to security policy, after using my email the loading to the next page takes a long time (with loading hour glass)and then error/exception is "“Exception Message: the operation was cancelled”.

The page to give master password is on but will not logged me in after the first exception.

This only happed in my android app. on chrome extension and web vault all working without issues.

The app is on beta, tried to get the release version and this didn’t help.

Please advice.

Can you provide some additional information about the mobile device on which this is happening? It is generally not recommended to use Bitwarden on obsolete devices that are no longer able to receive security patches for the Android OS.

Also, for troubleshooting purposes, can you use a different device to temporarily lower the PBKDF2 iterations back to 100,000 (or whatever your previous setting was) and check whether this again will allow you to log in using your Android device? If so, gradually increase the KDF iterations until the login or unlock delay on the Android becomes unreasonably long, then roll back the iterations setting to the highest value that can be reasonably used on the Android device. Reply here to let us know what that value ended up being.

Thanks grb. The issue has resolved by itself. Not sure what happaned here. The device is galaxy fold 4 so this is pretty new device. For i use 600,000 and this works great. Thanks for the reply. Will post if this issue will be happening again.

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