Bitwarden App does not connect to self hosted vault within home network

hi all,

every of the tested OSs connected successfully to the self hosted web-vault via standard browser. Self-signed SSL certificate was accepted.
BUT in every of the tested OSs the Bitwarden App failed to connect to the self hosted web-vault. I’ve used the identical URL / IP-address ( as with the successful browser connections.


My intentions are

  • evaluate alternative solutions to 1Password (because of feeling pushed to use cloud services)
  • learn how to use software which I’ve never used before (VirtualBox, Linux-based server, Docker etc.)
  • it is not my intention to expose my server to the Internet

My skills

  • average MacOS, iOS user
  • very low experience in using the command line
  • no experience in setting up and maintaining computer networks, firewalls etc.

My HW/SW/Network-environment

  1. Server-side, connected via Ethernet-LAN to the router/WiFi gateway
  • Mac mini (Late 2014)
    • mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
    • VirtualBox 6.0.10
    • OpenSUSE Leap 15.1
    • Docker 18.09.06
    • Docker-compose 1.17.0
    • bitwarden/setup 1.31.1 (during installation self-signed certificate created)
    • Web.vault version 2.10.1
  1. Three Client connections to Web-vault via WiFi tested
  • iPhone 8, iOS 12.4.
    • Browser Safari: ok
    • Bitwarden App: nok (there is a problem connecting to the server)
  • Macbook Air, macOS 10.13.6
    • Browser Safari: ok
    • Browser Extension for Safari: ok
    • Browser Firefox: ok
    • Bitwarden App: nok (failed to fetch)
  • Dell XPS, Windows 7
    • Browser Explorer: ok
    • Bitwarden App: nok (failed to fetch)

My Questions

the test account I have created in Bitwarden says in the top right corner: confirm your email-address to get access to all functions.

  1. How do I send an email from a server which is not connected to the internet?
  2. Which functions I cannot access without the email-address confirmation?
  3. Did I miss an important step during installation or in configuration?

In addition: I have copied the console output filtered to „Bitwarden“ from start to „failed to fetch“. If this forum allows an upload of such file I am open to do so (I could detect that 2 failures occurred) or to post the contents.

If anyone of you should have a good advice for me how to continue I’d appreciate.

Thank you, Claus