Bitwarden Android app not using Android's system language?

My understanding is that the Bitwarden Android app should be using the Android system language, but this is NOT what I am seeing.

Specifically, I am checking the level of Hebrew support in Bitwarden.

On one hand, with “Bitwarden Web,” I see on that the Hebrew translation is currently 86% complete, and indeed when I change Settings | Options | Language in “My Vault” to Hebrew, it works very nicely.

On the other hand, with “Bitwarden Mobile,” it would seem from that the Hebrew translation for Android is 88% complete. But when I change my Android device’s system language to Hebrew, then even after fully rebooting into the new language, the language of the Bitwarden app still remains as English.

Is there any other step that I might need to explicitly perform?

Or perhaps this is a device-specific issue (Poco X3 NFC)?

BTW: I have verified that this is not a device-specific issue, as the same behavior occurs on other Android devices that I have tested as well.