Bitwarden and Smartphone web browsers, how to get the passwords?

Hi! Please I am quite new here and am asking now what I thought would be a simple basic thing to do but…

I just do not get my passwords from Bitwarden when I use web browsers like Chrome and Opera beta in my Samsung A52 Android 13 smartphone.

Instead I need to log into the Bitwarden application, which “wakes up” very slowly and then search and copy & paste the password to the browser.

Earlier password manager was LastPass and it suggested the passwords in the browser so that I did not need to log in to the LastPass application at all.

Now I wonder is there at all this kind of simple way of filling in the passwords while using Bitwarden as a password manager? I have a paid version, not the free one.

How do I need to do, that I would not every time log in to the Bitwarden application, wait for it to wake up and then copy & paste the password for the browser?

Thank you so much for all tips and tricks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had permitted the browser to save your passwords before, rather than using LastPass. That’s why you never had to log into LastPass before - it wasn’t doing anything for you.

To properly use a password manager (not browser stored passwords) you have to do exactly what you are doing with Bitwarden (log into it, or, if you elect to simply have your Bitwarden extension lock rather than log out, you just unlock your vault). You should not have to copy and paste, however. Generally if you are on a website login page and there’s an entry matching it in Bitwarden, you’ll see the little counter number (on the Bitwarden extension on the toolbar) show some number (usually 1) which indicates the number of entries that match that website. Click the extension, select the entry you want, and Bitwarden will fill in the UN and PW fields for you.

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The app does need to be used, but you shouldn’t have to copy & paste. There are several options for autofill in Android, have a look. It works fine most of the time.

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Thank you so much bwuser10000 for your quick knowing respons! You got it exactly right, passwords were saved in a browser! Which is not safe at all as I have learned afterwards.

How would you advice with all browser saved passwords? To delete them? Is it possible? Or are all those once in browser saved passwords already lost and for ever in Chrome’s or Opera’s archieves?

All other point of views are so welcomed as well!
Thank you!

Happy Easter time to all of you!

You probably already received this answer, but after you generated all new passwords using Bitwarden you should delete all of your old ones from the browser(s).

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Thank you for you whilw reminding about this!
In fact very important! I have not done that yet. Will do now! Thank you again!