Biometrics don't work on Google Chrome + Desktop application

Hello everyone,
I am a new user of Bitwarden. I used to use LastPass. I use Google chrome on which I installed the extension and Windows 10 pro on which I installed Bitwarden desktop application.
As mentioned, I enabled browser integration on the desktop app, allowed communication between the extension and the desktop app and allowed the extension to access file urls.
Despite all this being very complicated, as Lastpass only had a checkbox, NOTHING WORKED!
The extension indicates in red that the action has been cancelled by the desktop application. And the desktop application says that the biometric unlock is not enabled and that I need to enable the biometric options in the desktop application.
This is totally stupid because I’m already in the desktop app, there are no biometric options in the settings and it could enable it itself without telling me this stupid message.
So how do I get Bitwarden to work properly? Is this app well designed or should I revert to Lastpass?
Thank you all for your help and have a nice day!