Biometrics detection

If possible, could we get biometrics to detect when external hardware connected?

For example. I have a Macbook with TouchID and I use biometrics to unlock the vault, but when I hook it up to an external monitor and keyboard, I still get a prompt to unlock using biometrics, instead it would be nice for Bitwarden to automatically detect an external keyboard and to use password as default.

I know I can click cancel then it fallbacks to password, but it would be nice if this can be detected and used as default.



As screenshot shows, this prompt is not really useful and gets in the way, it should be removed. Instead it should automatically fallback and prompt for password to be entered manually when no biometrics is detected, all without any popups.

nCode, I too use TouchID to unlock a MacBook when it is not plugged in to the Studio Display. When it is plugged in, the button for login with biometrics appears but no message such as you show, given I do not try to use it. Are you using a 3rd party monitor? I wonder whether the issue relates to mis-communication between MacOS and the display (probably Linux where Studio uses iOS) giving the wrong message to Bitwarden.

If you would clarify the hardware you are using then someone with a similar setup may be able to chime in on settings. If you are using Studio, then I will look further into it myself.

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Ah yes, you maybe right. I’m using a Samsung monitor that powers the MacBook via the internal USB-C hub.

I’d imagine the implementation Bitwarden currently uses only supports Apple devices.

I’d say not so much what Bitwarden supports but what Apple couldn’t care less about . :slight_smile: Apple’s mission is about their users, not other suppliers.