Biometric Login using self built plugin (Dev Help Please)

I have been using a browser plugin that I build myself from source (with some very minor changes I’m testing out), and the official Deskop build. I can’t get biometric login to work with my self built extension (get “browser integration not enabled” error). But it works fine with the official build of the browser extension. Is this expected? My self build is up to date with GitHub.

Also tried a clean git clone/build of the browser plugin and it also does not work with the desktop integration so it’s not my changes preventing this from working.

Native messaging (browser communication) works by reading a manifest file which is generated from the desktop application. We have prefilled these manifests with the IDs of our extensions in the different stores.

Unfortunately installing a unpacked extension in Chrome will generate a new extension id which is not whitelisted. I’ve documented the debug process in the desktop repository, GitHub - bitwarden/desktop: The desktop vault (Windows, macOS, & Linux). which should hopefully get you up and running.

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Thanks for the info!

Got it working. :sunglasses:

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