Biometric authentication closes the extension popup and don't login

Thank you for all the responses, I now use the sidebar who works well (thanks @Neuron5569 ).

@Ed_LaCrosse instead of using the extention button you can use the sidebar button image or ctrl-alt-y to open bitwarden in the sidebar.
Check out this response

Thank you for the response. I added the sidebar to Firefox and tried using it to unlock Bitwarden with biometrics. It doesn’t work. When I supply my fingerprint, I see a message to the effect, “Waiting for confirmation from the desktop” that doesn’t go away. If I click off the Hello screen, it goes away but the extension remains locked.

Incidentally, ctrl-alt-y does absolutely nothing for me. I must be doing something wrong. Edited to add: it’s alt-shift-y that brings up the Bitwarden sidebar.

I’m convinced that the problem is a version mismatch between the desktop and the extension, but I really don’t know what the problem is.

Same to me. Sidebar also does not work with biometrics.

The version of my extension is 2023.7.1 and the version of the desktop app is 2023.8.2.
Sometimes I have to close and reopen the sidebar for it to work.

I’m running the same versions of both as you are. I just tried using biometrics to unlock my extension using the sidebar. I opened and closed the sidebar 5 times and no joy.

I cannot use biometrics at all with the FF extension.

I tried the unlock option with windows hello.
When I open the desktop application and log in with windows hello, I can’t use biometrics in the extension (and sidebar). I’ve done a few tests and I think you need to use the password to unlock the desktop application in order to use biometrics in the extension.

Maybe that’s your problem!

Hello again,

I’ve used biometrics to unlock the extension many times before the July release. I never needed to unlock the desktop application specifically to do so. I’ve set it up to start on Windows startup, and I’ve configured it to unlock with biometrics, but as long as the app was running in the background, the extension would solicit my fingerprint via Hello, I’d supply it, and it unlocked. There was no need to unlock the desktop via Hello or via the Master Password.

Things began to go squirrely for me when the July desktop release (and its companion FF extension release) came out (see above). But I was still able to get the extension to unlock via biometrics, even though the behavior was not what I was used to.

I just tried unlocking the desktop then trying to unlock the extension via biometrics and no joy.

I understand now that Bitwarden support has acknowledged that the FF extension and desktop version don’t match and biometrics will not work until the FF extension that matches the desktop app is released. Until then, I will have to use the Master Password to unlock the extension.

Note, though, that the 2023.8.2 Windows release will unlock via biometrics. It’s just not communicating properly with the 2023.7.1 FF extension release.

I didn’t see the link to the other topic in your previous reply. I downgraded my desktop app and it works !

Thank you for the help !

You’re welcome. I’m going to wait for the 2023.8.2 FF release since I was having problems with the 2023.7.1 release.

In my Firefox install the sidebar is opened with Shift + Alt + Y not Ctrl + Alt +Y

Is there a method to use biometrics without the desktop app? Just only with the browser plugin?

encountering this same issue, Firefox 117, Windows 11, desktop 23.8.3.

Just discovered there is a 2023.8.3 release for Firefox available on GitHub, this may resolve the issue but not sure how to package it for installing into the browser. Is there a reason why the Firefox extension hasn’t been updated on

Firefox extensions have an .xpi name extension (or a .jar in some cases). As this is a .zip, I am not sure changing to name.xpi and install (open with Firefox) is the right thing to do.

Following your post I found out that 2 weeks ago there was also a [2023.8.2 release].
So my conclusion is either the 2023.8.3 isn’t ready for the release (still with errors) or will be released soon. I think it is safe to wait just a bit longer.

My windows app upgraded to 2023.8.3 yesterday. Firefox extension remains at 2023.7.1. Biometrics still doesn’t work.


My macOS app upgraded to 2023.8.3 yesterday. Firefox extension remains at 2023.7.1. Biometrics do not work.

Stuck at “Awaiting confirmation from desktop”

Also experiencing this. With Firefox and Edge, on both Windows and macOS across three separate computers. I’ve tried uninstall the Bitwarden desktop app, Reinstalling. Same with the browser extensions.

Brave still seems to work fine.

Whenever I open the sidebar and try with biometrics with that, the message

“awaiting confirmation from desktop” spins continuously

my bitwarden desktop app is open and has no prompt(s) pending

edit: have also tried reinstalling the browser addon, to no avail

The sidebar is just so that you can enter the master password as a workaround until they fix the biometrics.

This is strange, I was just able to get everything to work on my laptop but my desktop won’t


apologies if this has already been mentioned but it looks like this happening with desktop version 2023.8.3, when i was on desktop 2023.7.1 everything worked fine

Same issue here. In order to make it work, I always have to restart Bitwarden… which means multiple restarts (& retyping of master password) are required.

I am looking forward the fix!