Best version of bitwarden for me

I’m considering using one of the paid versions of bitwarden. It’s just my wife and myself; am I better off with two Individual versions or the Family version. If we do have two Individual versions will we be able to log in to sites we both used without having to enter it into each copy?


@IgotQues Hi!

I’m no expert in this, but it sounds, that two premium accounts would be enough, as you can already create an organization and collections to share credentials. If you don’t want to include other family members (“family” has up to 6 users), the “family” package would be “overkill”.

Though, with “family” you have additional 1GB for “sharing” (additionaly to every “premium” account with 1GB for the premium user oneself) - if you have the need for shared files, then I would think of “family” again… (though the alternative would be again, to store those files in both your individual vaults, if needed…)

Thank you very much.

@IgotQues Welcome to the forum!

The decision should be based on whether you need to use any Premium features for the shared credentials. For example, if you share a login to some website, and you wish to use Bitwarden’s integrated TOTP authenticator as your 2FA method for that website, then you’d need a Family plan. If you wish to upload file attachments to any vault items that are shared between you and your wife, then you’d need a Family plan. If you wish for shared vault items to be included in Vault Health Reports (other than the free “Data Breach Report”), then you’d need a Family plan.

If you don’t need for any of the shared vault items to use Premium Features (integrated TOTP authenticator, file attachments, Vault Health Reports, etc.), then you should be fine with two individual Premium accounts (and setting up a Free Organization for sharing of jointly used website logins).