Best practice for shared devices and recovery methods

Hi everyone,

I’m new to password managers and I decided to begin with Bitwarden. I’m interested in some best practice to optimize sharing password and devices with my wife.
Questions are:

  • It’s safe to share same account (to increase usability, as we share laptops and otherwise I need to change account every time) or it’s strictly better to have separated accounts and eventually share passwords in a collection?
  • does sharing password in collections change it’s security level to a lower one?
  • if we create two separe account, does it is safe to store other member master secret in personal vault to grant a recover from forgetting it?

Last questions are not about sharing:

  • What if I loose my master secret? There is a way to recover it through a second account or email?
  • What if I accidentally delete a password from my vault? There is a recovery method?

Thanks to everyone that would ask and provide their opinion and knowledge about cybersecurity and bitwarden.