Best Practice for macos laptop username/password when biometrics not available

Hi all

Migrated to BW recently and OMG, why didn’t I do this a lot sooner!! Total game changer. So far everything has worked flawlessly. I do have one question for the forum, more along the lines of best practice for a specific configuration: In my case, I use an Apple Macbook Pro, the laptop lid is closed with the laptop sitting in a stand connected to a remote keyboard/mouse/screen. This is my desktop configuration, so, the biometric login option is not available given my laptop is closed. Right now I’m using a user created username/password outside of BW to login to my macbook, but I’d like to use BW generated password for this as well, if there is a method to do so without biometrics, or remembering a 64 character password :slight_smile:


Any password that you have to memorize (e.g., your Bitwarden Master Password, or in this case, the password to your MacBook) should be a randomly generated passphrase (e.g., use the “passphrase” option in Bitwarden’s password generator).

For technical reasons, yes, do choose a passphrase of five or six randomly created words and you’ll be fine, but don’t make them up yourself. People are bad at “random.” Use the Passphrase generator. You can even get by with four words.