Being able to show which credential to login

Choose which credential to show during a login attempt

  • Currently, if you have multiple logins in a website, on various platforms such as iOS, it only prompts you to login with the most alphabetical login ID. If I have login ID A and B, while I login mostly with B, I’m only prompted to log in with A.
  • By adding a feature to flag or mark the ‘Preferred login’ option for each website, you don’t need to go through clicking Bitwarden, logging into Bitwarden if necessary, then choosing the relevant account to log in.

If you have multiple credentials saved for one website, the way it works is it autofills the most recently used credentials. Clicking or hitting the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L shortcut cycles round the available credentials.

Thanks but that didn’t seem to be true for iOS devices. It always prompts me the ascend in alphabetical order.