Before I switch my vault to Argon2

Common-sense precautions:

  • Create a JSON export of your vault, and if you have irreplaceable file attachments in your vault, download copies of those, as well.

  • Make sure that you have an Emergency sheet with your username, master password, and 2FA reset code.


  1. Change “KDF algorithm” to “Argon2id”.
  2. Click “Change KDF”, then enter master password and click “Change KDF” again.
  3. You will be automatically logged out of all Bitwarden sessions on all devices.

A more detailed description of the above is available here (although these instructions describe changing your PBKDF2 iterations to 600k, not switching to Argon2id):


The recommended settings are the default settings (iterations=3, parallelism=4, memory=64). You would only need to change those if you are using the Bitwarden mobile app on an iOS device.

You can tweak the settings, but the defaults are more than adequate.