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Greetings Bitwarden users and contributors.

Write code for the Bitwarden codebase.

Community PR proposals have moved to Github discussions

Check out the Bitwarden Contributing Documentation for an overview on what you need to get started.

At Bitwarden, we value the principles of open-source software. We are committed to being open and transparent about how we work, and how our software keeps your data safe and sound.

We appreciate those who contribute and want to make sure that as much of it as possible is adopted into the Bitwarden codebase.

To better support those who wish to commit code to Bitwarden, this category will serve as a place to post topics and gain agreement from the community and Bitwarden team members prior to beginning any coding for new features or additional functionality.

Rules for creating a topic:

  • Define the feature (or fix) you’d like to contribute
  • Be specific and include the scope of your feature and functionality to the fullest extent possible.
  • Detail any repositories that will be affected by those changes; remembering that new or updated dependencies must be kept consistent across impacted repositories

The Bitwarden team will chime in on the forum post and give you the feedback necessary to get you started in the right direction.


Chat with Bitwarden developers about your code contributions on Gitter.

Interested in helping with localization?

Head over to Crowdin to get started, or learn more about localization in Bitwarden.

And most importantly

Thank you for being part of the Bitwarden community! :muscle: