Basic keyboard shortcuts

As a user of Bitwarden, I want to be able to quickly and easily access my credential information to enable to me to make best use of the solution.

Currently when using the Bitwarden application, it requires a lot of mouse movement which hinders the adoption of the Bitwarden application. My current workflow with KeePassXC makes strong use of their defined shortcuts to do the following:

  • Copy Username
  • Copy Password
  • Copy URL
  • Copy TOTP

Developing this feature will make it possible for me to adopt Bitwarden. This also impacts those who rely solely upon the keyboard such as those who use accessibility tools that effectively cannot use the mouse as a viable option.


  • Limited to the above 4 actions (copy data from the vault to the clipboard via keyboard shortcuts)
  • Shortcuts are not user-defined (statically defined only)

This is similar to issue #76 however it is scoped significantly smaller and that issue did not include in the description shortcuts for accessing data, mostly navigation instead.

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