Banner Colour in Self Hosted Vault 2.0

It’s only a trivial thing, but the banner colour was changed for self-hosted to a dark grey. Not only is the colour a bit ‘meh’ it also doesn’t match all the other product branding (apps, plugins etc).

I can only guess this was done to differentiate it from the cloud vault but do many people regularly use both?

If you’re still interested, I found a way to get the default color navbar when self hosting.

  1. Use docker ps to find the container ID of bitwarden/web
  2. Run docker cp YOUR_CONTAINER_ID:/app/app/main.87b246400966da3a9f48.js
  3. Edit the file and remove any instances of “bg-secondary-alt”
  4. Run docker cp main.87b246400966da3a9f48.js YOUR_CONTAINER_ID:/app/app/main.87b246400966da3a9f48.js

Your file name might not match mine exactly but that’s the general idea. Probably a good idea to save an unedited copy of main.*.js in case it doesn’t work.