Backup from SaaS to OnPremise


As an organisation using SaaS solution, can I easily backup the data in order to use it On Premise ? I was thinking of the case where Bitwarden won’t be able to maintain their SaaS solution.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @vcharretier! & welcome!

Probably the easiest way is to schedule a windows task/chron job using the CLI client to export your vault and encrypt them with the tool of your choice.

Thank you for your feedback ! When you say “your vault”, do you mean:

  • my personal vault ?
  • the vaults of every member of my organisation ?

The documentation says: " Exporting your vault will not include items that belong to an organization. Organization admins can export their organization’s vault from the web vault under the organization’s admin area in the Tools section"

“Organizations vault” => Does it mean it gathers the vault of every member of my organization ?

Thank you for your help !