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Dear all,

as some of you may have read in a previous post I did manage to install bitwarden on my own computer. I am running Windows 10 Pro.

Befores starting to use the software though I really would like to be reassured regarding backups. Instructions suggests one should copy the entire bwdata folder.


Also the instructions mention that bitwarden will automatically perform backup during the night. Regarding this topic I am quite curious to know the following:

  1. Is the database offline while performing the nightly backup?
  2. What happens if the database is in use while the nightly backup is running?
  3. How can I be reassured that I am not backing up a corrupted database?
  4. What is a reasonable test that I could perform to verify if my backup procedure (copying the bwdata folder to a NAS) is working as expected and that, should anything happen in the future, I will still be able to reinstall bitwarden on the very same or different computer.
  5. Is it necessary to encrypt the folder before backing it up?

Thanks to everyone.

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I have tried to backup the entire bwdata folder with cobian. It works ok, but it does not copy the 4 .pem files which are stored in the letsencrypt\live\\ folder, that is:

  1. cert.pem
  2. chain.pem
  3. fullchain.pem
  4. privkey.pem

Cobian log tells me that the reason is: The file cannot be accessed by the system

What options do I have to solve that?

Thank you all.


Found reference to zipping just those files as cobian uses the OS to copy the files and if they are in use it won’t copy them. The site below has the workaround idea.

  1. Exclude that EFS folder from the backup2) Set up a “before backup event” to zip and encrypt that folder.=) The backup should be able to copy the zip file.

Dear all,
I have tried to solve the issue, but having played around with Cobian Backup for a while I was not able to solve the issue.

I have solved my issue by buying a copy of Acronis True Image 2021: with such software backups work without any troubles.

Thank you all.