Babelfish support

Feature name

Allow the use of Babelfish, a modified Postgres database with T-SQL compatibility layer.

Feature function

So we can finally deploy Bitwarden on Raspberry Pi, where MSSQL will never support


  1. Fix migration script to not use COL_LENGTH, use an older trick here: How to check if a column exists in a SQL Server table - Stack Overflow
  2. Fix datetime precision, Postgres only support 6-digits precision (microsecond level)

Welcome to add more

Hereโ€™s the list of thing Babelfish doesnโ€™t support yet: Babelfish compatibility - Babelfish for PostgreSQL ( and here Babelfish / MS SQL comparison - Babelfish for PostgreSQL (

Babelfish Compass Report for Migration DB Scripts
Babelfish Compass Report for SQL project (all 5 types)

Wonderful request, it appears this may be similar to an already existing feature request by the community here.

If you would like, please add your vote there :slight_smile:

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